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"A slave is he who cannot speak his thoughts." – Euripides

Philosophy & Religion
Yockey on Liberalism - Tanstaafl, Age of Treason
Audio: Tanstaafl discusses race, Liberalism, Yockey, Spengler, and Revilo Oliver.

The New Paganism - Hilaire Belloc
"The New Paganism will never be what the Old Paganism was. It will be other, because it will be a corruption. The Old Paganism was profoundly traditional, but the New Paganism has for its very essence contempt for tradition and contempt of ancestry."

The World of the Rings - Donald T. Williams
"Why Peter Jackson Was Unable to Film Tolkien's Moral Tale"

An Interview with Alex Kurtagic - by George Whale
"Yes, a radical critique of the status quo is necessary, but beyond that, an affirmative proposition is needed. One also needs to state what one is for, rather than simply what one is against. It is more effective, more inspiring, and certainly more constructive to put a message across with affirmations rather than purely with negations."

Against Nihilism: Julis Evola's "Traditionalist" Critique of Modernity - by Thomas F Bertonneau
"We must not forget that man is mostly responsible for [female] decadence. In a society run by real men, woman would never have yearned for or even been capable of taking the [destructive] path she is following today." As Kopff writes: "Evola rejected the Enlightenment Project lock, stock, and barrel, and had little use for the Renaissance and the Reformation. For Evola those really opposed to the leftist regime, the true Right, are not embarrassed to describe themselves as reactionary and counterrevolutionary."

On Agrarianism, Part I -- Part II - by Matt Johnson, The Orthodox Nationalist, YouTube
Matt Johnson discusses the superiority of agrarian life, the world of the small farm, and agrarian reconstruction.

Ethnically Cleansing the English - by Paul Weston
"Liberals tell us colonialism was evil, so why is the colonisation of white countries by non-white peoples — in far greater numbers than whites were ever sent to non-white countries — a matter of celebration?"

The Failed Utopia - by Cambria Will Not Yield
"We already live in a left-wing totalitarian state, and we live in a left-wing totalitarian state because our founding fathers decided to break with the Christian traditions of the European countries."

A Christian Background for Political Correctness? - by Fjordman
Fjordman respons to Conservative Swede's assertion that Christian ethics without true Christian belief is responsible for modern liberalism.

Against the Jackals - by Cambria Will Not Yield
"A European is not different from a pagan because the pagan has bloody sacrifices and the European uses his mind; the European differs from the pagan because he believes that God’s spirit dwells in the blood and not in nature. The old "racist" Europeans did not have the pride of race, which all other races have; instead, they accepted the burden of race, and that burden was a cross ... "

The Crisis of Anomie - by Paul J. Cella
""A creature characterized by anomie is bereft of a moral ordering principle. Uprooted from that ancient moral tradition ... our people cannot advance past rudimentary shock and horror."

Liberalism, Part I - by Francis Parker Yockey
"Liberalism is entirely negative"

Political Liberty and the Classical Tradition - by Thomas J. Fleming, Chronicles Magazine
".. if Americans ever wish to be free, they shall not only have to go back to the thinking of Adams and Jefferson but also to the ancient writers and ancient languages that formed their minds and inspired their imaginations."

Monotheism vs. Polytheism - by Alain de Benoist
"Two thousand years of Judeo-Christianity have not obscured the fact that pagan thought has not yet disappeared, even though it has often been blurred, stifled, or persecuted by monotheistic religions and their secular offshoots." Introduction and translation by Tomislav Sunic.

Against the Neo-Pagans and other writings - by Julius Evola
A collection.

As A Man Thinketh - by James Allen
"Act is the blossom of thought, and joy and suffering are its fruits; thus does a man garner in the sweet and bitter fruitage of his own husbandry."

On Living the Martial Way - by Robert S. Griffin
"The reality of life is war. Living the martial way means thinking of yourself first and foremost as a warrior."

"Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean." -- Johann Wolfgang von Gothe