“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.” - Desiderius Erasmus

Recommended Reading
Education History
The Graves of Academe -- Richard Mitchell (online, html)
Underground History of American Education John Taylor Gatto (online, html)
Fed Ed:The New Federal Curriculum and How It's Enforced - Allen Quist
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Cloning of the American Mind - B.K. Eakman
The History of Education - 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica (online, html)
The School Choice Wars - John Merrifield (ch 1&2 online, html)
The War Against Grammar - David Mulroy

Alternative Education
The Parents' Guide to Alternatives in Education - Ronald E. Koetzsch
Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education - Grace Llewellyn

Curriculum / Guides
The Student's Guides to the Major Disciplines - Intercollegiate Studies Institute (online, PDF)
A Student’s Guide to the Core Curriculum - Mark C. Henrie (online, html)
Classical Christian Homeschooling - Christine Miller (online, html)

The Conservative Mind - Russell Kirk Russell Kirk. Book Review by Alabama Policy Institute (online, PDF)
Christianity and Culture - T.S. Eliot

Our Enemy, the State - Albert Jay Nock (online, html)
For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto - Murray N. Rothbard (online, html)
War is a Racket - Major General Smedley Butler (online, html)
Liberalism, in the Classical Tradition - Ludwig Von Mises (online, html)
The Myth of National Defense - Hans Herman-Hoppe (online,PDF)

Jewish Studies
The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx and Frederick Engels (online,html)
Judaism Discovered - Michael Hoffman
The International Jew - Henry Ford, Sr. (online, html)
Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler (online, html)
Jewish Supremacism - David Duke
My Awakening - David Duke (sample chapters online, html)

Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England - Sir William Blackstone (online, html)
The Tyranny of Good Intentions - Paul Craig Roberts
Shakespeare Law Library - Assembled by Mark Alexander (online, html)

Economics in One Lesson - Henry Hazlitt
The Mystery of Banking - Murray N. Rothbard (online, pdf)
The Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith (online, html)
Economics for Real People - Gene Callahan (online sample chapter)

Overview of History and Ancient Culture
The Law of Civilization and Decay - Brooks Adams (online, Google Books)
Ancient City: Life in Classical Athens and Rome - Peter Connolly and Hazel Dodge
The Influence of Wealth in Imperial Rome - William Stearns Davis (online, Google Books)
Letters of Caius Plinius Caecilius Secundus (Pliny the Younger) - Melmoth, Bosanqueth (online, Google Books)
Selected Letters of Pliny the Younger (in Latin) - H.R. Heatley (online, Google Books)
A Day in Old Athens, A Picture of Athenian Life - William Stearns Davis (online, Google Books)

Other Lists
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The Anti-Liberal Reader
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Reviews/Parents' Guides
Facts on Fiction.org

Online Book Collections
Lambs' Shakespeare
Every Poet
The Great Booklets
Harvard Classics
European Americans United
Conservative Classics
Perseus (Latin & Greek)
Modern Novels Translated into Latin